Thursday, August 03, 2006

First Post

Hey, how's it going? This is my first entry, and I'm SO excited (sarcasm)! I realize that blogs are retarded, and the only people who will ever read my entries are family members or those unfortunate individuals who don't know what they're doing and got here by mistake. Well, sorry about your luck, but if you are one of those rare dimwits, just click the "back" button on your browser.
Anyway, the reason I'm starting a blog is boredom. Maybe I will eventually write something worthwhile, but most likely this blog will float around the net for awhile before finally being shut down due to lack of use. Fine with me!
I have a few rants that I will post, but other than that, not much. Maybe I'll provide links to far superior sites than this one, but that's about it.
End of first post.


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